“To a change of model: the sustanaible rehabilitation in buildings”

October 28, 2012 in Courses

Course: “To a change of model: the sustanaible rehabilitation in buildings”

Tipologia-1The construction field in Spain seems dark, it looks clear the necesity of rethinking our construction model. We need a new one that answers this crisis period. In this new way of thinking, the rehabilitation and the sustainability seem to be the future of construction.

The objective of this curse is to show the need of actions that help the change of model in construction. From one model based on resources and territory comsuption, new building, etc. to another based on rehabilitation and resources saving. Also showing examples of this matter.

  • Sustainability Principles for Rehabilitation and Examples.
  • Rehabilitation from urban planning and examples of urban spaces rehabilitation.
  • Visits to rehabilitations examples.
  • Rehabilitation and creation of jobs. Subventions.


Antonio Baño Nieva, Architect y Professor Associated at “Universidad de Alcalá”; Alberto Vigil-Escalera del Pozo, Technic Engineer and Professor at “Universidad Europea de Madrid”; and David Miquel Mena, Architect.

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