Jun 2012: Masters Degree in Architecture from the E.T.S.A.G. University of Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid).

Sep 2008 – Jun 2009: Exchange year Studies with Erasmus Program. Universität Innsbruck (Austria).

Jun 2001: High School Diploma in Technological Science from Montserrat High School, Madrid.


Sep 2012 – Mar 2013: Sustainable Architecture Courses “To a change of model” by La Casa Encendida: sustainable rehabilitation, alternatives and tools for architectural design and urbanism.

• “Sustanaible Rehabilitation of Buildings” (14 hours)
“Sustanaible Alternatives in Buildings” (14 hours)
• “Tools for the Knowledge in Sustainable Rehabilitation” (17 hours)

Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: Conferences about Sustainability, energy saving, energy efficiency, energy management and Life Cycle Analysis by the Foundation of Energy of the Comunidad de Madrid.

Jun – Sept 2013: Workshop “Between Earths”: theoretical and practical formation in Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) construction technique, by a CRAterre former.

• Earth Construction Theory. Type Earth, mortar and plaster Tests.

• CEB bond design and details plans of the shop: double and simple walls, corners, reinforcement, lattice, window opening, shelves…

• CEB Fabrication with Cinva–Ram machine, wall foundations, CEB walls construction, mortar and plaster fabrication, lattice, window opening, shelves…

• Construction with traditional local techniques: shell mortar, broken tile, cane grid or framework, recycled materials…

Ene  – Jun 2014: 4 Conferences and courses organized by CYPE about Energy Efficiency, BIM Technology and the connectivity between the programs for a BIM design (total 12 hours)

Jun – Oct 2014: Workshops in Bioconstruction by Qatay and ASF (Adobe, CEB vaults, plaster, stone masonry…)


Expert Level:

• Windows, Macintosh y Ofimática
• Internet, websites and social networks.
• Archicad (2D, 3D, Teamwork)
• Autocad
• Photoshop
• Artlantis

Intermediate Level:

• Revit
• 3D Studio Max
• CYPE programms and SAP2000.


- Spanish:  mother language.

- English:  “Advanced” Level certified by the British Council of Alcalá de Henares.

- German:  “B1” Level (Intermediate) certified by the University of Innsbruck (Austria).

- French:  “B1” Level (Intermediate)


- Volunteer at “Architects Without Borders” for 3 years in the groups “Senegal”, “Perú” and “Local”.

- Students Representative in Architecture School (2008).

- Interested in Bio-construction, Bioclimatic Architecture, Sustainability and New Technologies.

- Interest in travelling and knowing other cultures.


- Date of Birth: 15 Enero 1983

- Nationality: Spanish

- Clean driving license

- Willing to travel and relocate